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About Community Service Help

Our primary mission is to provide open access to alternative rehabilitative community service to individuals from all segments of society. We have specifically designed our program to be interesting and interactive in order to engage the user in their own self education and self improvement.

We created this system as a means of making community service meet the needs of the community by allowing at-risk individuals a way to complete their sentence without causing a major disruption in their lives. Individuals that are sentenced to community service are at a critical point in life, this is the time when they can either turn from crime or fall deeper into more serious criminal violations. It is our belief that we can rehabilitate the majority of individuals at this critical point in their lives and point them toward a path of self education and self empowerment.

There are countless individuals that are at-risk within our court system. Education is the key to transforming their lives and encouraging a life outside of crime. Our system utilizes the compulsory nature of community service and exposes these individuals to self education which has been proven to be the single most important factor in keeping at-risk individuals from further criminal behavior. This education is the one thing that at-risk individuals need the most and it is the one thing that is oftentimes beyond their reach. Our partnership with New Jersey non profits has made it possible to interject this education into the lives of these at-risk individuals and as a result change lives for the better.

Education and rehabilitation is sorely missing in our current court system. Our organization has sought to re-establish education as a means toward rehabilitation of at-risk offenders. This program is changing lives in a way that picking up trash and cleaning floors under traditional community service never could.

We Will Save You Money

Court ordered community service is meant to be rehabilitative and reduce stress on the lives of those sentenced. But in fact it increases stress and can cost a person a lot of money. Consider one of our customers, Sharon. Sharon had 80 community service hours to complete as her sentence for having in her possession some items that did not belong to her. The problem was that she had just started a new job and there was no way she could keep it if she asked for 80 hours vacation to complete community service. Not only that, she could not afford to miss 80 hours of pay and at the same time pay for child care and transportation to and from her place of community service. She was considering not doing her service and risking the wrath of the judge when she found our program. With us she spent less than $50, completed her sentence, never told her employer, and did not have to waste any money on extra child care. She told us that we easily saved her over $1640. This program works and it will save you time and money.

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